After 17 years David Nixon is retiring 
Instructions and changes will continue until the end of the year  
The company will cease Trading from the end of April 2023 
Would customers check their Wills to ensure they are up to date. If not contact me as soon as possible. 
Caution: Every attempt is made to keep this site up to date with current legislation and generalisations may be made which will not suit everyone’s individual circumstances. You should seek individual advice from a Willwriter or solicitor, having a full consultation before undertaking a Will or other legal procedures. It is also recommended that the attestation should be properly supervised by the company, as incorrectly signed documents can lead to wills being rejected at probate. Last updated October 2017. 

Thank You 

Sadly, I write to inform you that at the age of 69 I will be retiring, and Staffordshire Wills will be no longer taking new instructions as from 31st December2023. The business will cease trading from 30th April 2024. I have attempted to sell the business, but no one seems to want to take on the liability. 
The last thing I need to do is thank you for your business, I have really enjoyed meeting and helping so many nice people. 


The Government has said that all trusts must now be registered with HMRC. This includes Life interest (Property Protection Trusts) where on the death of the partner a life interest is generated. 
Please note this type of trust should not have any tax liability 
This registration can only be done by an organisation registered with the inland revenue. The average price for doing this is £300 +vat. I have however negotiated a price of £200 + VAT (£240) if anyone needs to register. Please get in touch and I will help you. 

Storage of Wills 

I must mention that over the years a number of clients have managed to lose their documents. I do not store Wills for people due to the cost of liability. My own Wills are stored with the National Will Safe in Salford who charge £35 per year and do an excellent job. I cannot stress how important it is particularly if your Will contains anything which is contentious and may go missing! 
If anyone wants to store their Wills, please let me know and I will arrange this for you. The agreement is directly with the National Will Safe who will continue to collect your fee and maintain the service after I retire. 
The National Will Safe also register your Wills with The National Will Register which keeps a record of where your Will is stored. If you wish to register your Will with the National Will Register, I can do this at a one-off payment of £20. 
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