Prepaying your funeral is becoming more and more popular with insurance companies and funeral Planning companies all competing to increase their share of the market. Fixing the price of your funeral by buying prepaid funeral plans is a cost-effective way of meeting your funeral costs. 

5 Good reasons to get a Prepaid Funeral Plan 

1. It is your funeral! Make your wishes known. People are reluctant to talk about death. Look at the facts: 
Only 37% know who was the deceased’s preferred funeral director was 
41% did not know whether the deceased wanted to be buried or cremated/ 
22% did not know any of the deceased’s wishes. 
At a stressful and emotional time this can lead to friction within the family. 
Buried/cremated, Religious/nonreligious, Pavarotti/All things bright and beautiful, sombre/celebration, flowers/donations It’s your choice. 
We believe everyone should have a plan to make their wishes known and if you email us we will send you a free funeral plan that will help you and let your loved ones know your wishes. 
2. A funeral plan can be a good investment. The average cost of a funeral is currently £3,897. Funeral costs have doubled over the last decade and are rising at about 6% a year. Sun Life predicted that by 2021 the cost of a funeral will be £5,400. When your money is sitting in the bank making half a percent the decision is was a no brainer! 
As part of my instruction taking I ask my clients if they have a funeral plan so I can include the Company and plan number. The number of clients who have purchased plans only a few years ago at around £2,000 is remarkable. 
Fixing the cost of your funeral now is a sound investment. 
3. Many people worry about leaving a debt for their family. The average cost of a funeral is currently £3,897. 38% of people make no provision towards their funeral. Over the last four years1 in 7 (13%) of people who organised a funeral suffered financial hardship resulting in an average shortfall of £2,374 which resulted in 10% selling belongings, 24% putting the cost onto a credit card, 10% taking out a loan and 18% borrowing money from a friend or relative. Couples often worry not about the cost of the second to pass as there is money in the estate but about the payment on first death. With Safe Hands you can take out an EITHER/OR funeral plan to cover this. 
4. 1 in 3 Women and 1 in 4 men will need residential care during their lifetimes. Anyone fully funding their own residential care needs to take out a funeral plan. Why? Look at this scenario. 
Couple own their own house Have £25,000 joint savings and each have £20,000 in Issas. The husband has dementia and needs to go into care. He is assessed. He has £12,500 his share of the joint account and £20,000 in Isas he will have to fund the full cost his residential care until his assets drop to £23,250 at which point the he and the state will contribute until his assets drop to £14,250. (the house is disregarded as wife is living there). When he dies the family will have to find the £3,700 for his funeral. If he had taken out a funeral plan (which is a legitimate expense) this cost would have come out of his £32,500 and the family would not have had to meet the cost of his funeral. 
5. Most people get real peace of mind knowing that everything is in place and they have not left a mess behind them 
The funeral market is highly competitive with company’s doing all kinds of things to get the headline cost down to be competitive leaving clients families often leading to paying extra on their death. We will guide you through the smoke and mirrors to get the best deal available saving you time and money. 
Staffordshire Wills are delighted to be working in conjunction with Safe Hands Funeral Plans the UK’s fastest-growing and most affordable pre-paid funeral plan provider. 

What is a Safe Hands Funeral Plan? 

Taking out a pre-paid funeral plan with Safe Hands means that however long you live, or however much the funeral director's fees and services are when you pass away, there won't be anything further for your family or loved-ones to pay towards them. Furthermore, it enables you to dictate the precise format of your funeral, thus eliminating any uncertainty amongst those left behind as to what the funeral service 

How does a Safe Hands Funeral Plan work? 

In common with all funeral plan companies, the money you pay towards your Safe Hands Funeral Plan is invested securely in an Independently managed trust fund. When you pass away, the monies are released from the trust by the independent trust managers, and are paid to the funeral director tasked with conducting your funeral 
You can also APPLY on-line. Do not forget to insert the Agent Number 937 as you will qualify for a £50 cashback directly from Staffordshire Wills after 30 Days. 
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